What to Consider Before Hiring An Inflatable Rental Company

Having inflatable rental at your event is a sure way to know that families will have a great time
and talk about the fun that they had. Unfortunately, picking an inflatable and a rental company
is not as easy as opening the yellow pages and using the first name that appears.
Safety should be a top priority every time when renting an inflatable,
and should be a high consideration when choosing a vendor to set up these inflatable packages.

The last thing that anyone wants is to be held responsible for an accident
to a child that could have been prevented. An improperly installed and fastened moonwalk
can move or fall while in operation. There have even been recorded cases where the wind
has taken an improperly secured moonwalk and lifted it into the air with children still inside!

Don’t let a bad decision to hire an inflatable rental company put your next event in disaster!
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